Extract RAR is a free RAR files extracting software, it can quickly open RAR files and extract archive to an output folder, supports encrypted (password-protected) RAR files and multi-part RAR files.

This software is a freeware, completely free to use.



  1. Single RAR file mode

    screenshot 1
  2. Multi-part RAR files mode

    screenshot 2

How to use

For Single RAR File, using the "Open" button, you can select a RAR file, then hit the "Extract" button to decompress. Simple and easy to use.

By default, software will use the source RAR filename as the name of output folder, you can enter another folder as you need. This extractor can automatically overwrite existing files, preserve file time and open output folder after the extraction done.

For Multi-part RAR Files, using the "Add" button, you can add multiple files at once, such as "*.part01.rar", "*.part02.rar", "*.part03.rar" and more, you have to keep files in the correct order. Using the "Delete" button, you can remove a selected file. After you have added all multi-part files, hit the "Extract" button to start extracting the compressed file content.

Batch Processing, users can use "Multi-part RAR Files" to extract many RAR archives at once, you can add all files that you need decompress, then extract all archives to the same output folder.

If source compressed file is encrypted (password-protected) file, you need provide a correct password or you will not be able to uncompress.